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Bjork - Thunderbolt (Death Grips Remix) by deathgrips http://ift.tt/1oSfncw

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Andreas Gursky:  Cheops Pyramid,  Giza   (2005)   Signed!
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Double-headed Serpent, Aztec/Mixtec AD 1400-1521, Mexico. Copyright the Trustees of the British Museum.

Mosaic mask of Quetzalcoatl, 15th-16th century AD, From Mexico.

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Antonín Slavíček (Czech, 1870–1910), Slunce v lese [Sun in the forest], 1898. Oil on canvas, 90 × 115 cm.
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From 2006 to 2012, photographer Adrian Chesser photographed the current generation of nomadic Americans who have chosen to live their lives in the wild unknown between Idaho and California. Chesser captured the high and lows of a group who primarily use their basic instincts of hunter/gatherer to survive and move with the seasons as they see fit. The images in the series capture a drifting lifestyle that appears both difficult and carefree, a way of living that mimics that of the Native American tribes photographed by Edward Curtis. Chesser shows his subjects’ need to disassociate with modern society and the contentment they find from self reliance. “

-Juxtapoz Magazine

Tinashe - 2 On feat. Brooke Candy by Brooke Candy http://ift.tt/1vJlQXl

HAIM - I’ll Try Anything Once (The Strokes cover) by RuledBySound http://ift.tt/UXeq5j


Fred Tomaselli
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Cuno Amiet - Flower Still Life (1912)
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untitled by Cody Cobb on Flickr.
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Addicted [Flip] by Iman Omari http://ift.tt/1k4M5FM

Opaque  by  andbamnan