acrylics on canvas. by simon schacht. 
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~   beckian fritz goldberg, from “eros in his striped shirt,” in the badlands of desire (cleveland state university poetry center, 1993)

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Micah Ganske, Cheshire, OH, 2012, acrylic on muslin
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Pitchfork Podcast 34: A User’s Guide To PC Music by pitchfork


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"Map of Qing Dynasty’s Eternal Rules" - China’s rivers and administrative districts, 1814-1816
Interactive version
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THE 254 by C R I M E

Mercury Child by Blood Cultures


Connect the dots, David Pirrie

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by  José González

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Woe Onto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation… The Wind Will Blow it Back, Raf Simons, SS02, video shot by Willy Vanderperre
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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover artist George Condo hosted an exhibit for his Mental States collection in 2011. Kanye West and Marc Jacobs were in attendance.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan